Digital Storefronts (DSF)

Customized seamless access to frequently-ordered print products.

Digital storefronts offer web-to-print eCommerce specifically branded for your business. Order and reorder at your convenience 24/7 from any location worldwide. Increase productivity and volume without increasing staff or costs.

Imagine a company where you can order products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and where you can negotiate and set your own prices.  There is almost no obsolete inventory and you can get a quote in real time or in just a few minutes.  A complete order history is right at your fingertips and proofs are ready for review in minutes, not hours or days.  Imagine the convenience.  Imagine the savings.

TCG Legacy has a Digital Storefront (DSF) Team that can come in, evaluate your needs, offer advice on appropriate products, and design the perfect storefront for you.  Imagine the possibilities.

digital storefronts
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